Pioneer DVR-108 (Piodata firmware problem)


I have flashed my DVR-108 recently with the firmware from PIODATA.
The Drivetype has changed to DVR-108DX.
But now I want to go back to the original firmware from Pioneer.
I tried already several times, but when I try using DVRFlash 2.0, it gives an error that the firmware doesn’t match the drivetype. I’ve already searched forums, and I have read several times that it is possible to go back to the original firmware from pioneer…
Can anybody help me with this problem?


I have a very similar problem to yours.

both of you will need to find official pioneer 108 firmware, both kernal and normal [any version wiil suffice]. then use dvrflash v2 to force flash your drives…although why go back to official when piodata is so great for 108?

In my case I have the official firmware and I would like to use a Gradius or a NIL firmware.

and ?

and I get the same error prompt? :wink:

if you don’t mind returning to >NIL pioneer firmware…go to
scrool down, choose Free, wait for link to appear. i added an updater to make it simpler to flash. no guarantees !

I already tried to flash the drive (DVRFlash 2)with the original firmware (normal and kernal), but if i do, the error says: firmware and drive don’t match
…although I can not confirm 100 percent that it was the correct firmware (i’ve just read a link on a forum where to find it)
why i want back to the original: beacause I want RPC 1 instead of RPC 2, and with the piodata firmware my drive had RPC 2.
(sidequestion: is there a maximum amount of times you can flash your drive?)

Does anybody know where I can find original normal- an kernel firmware?

I have downloaded the kernel and normal to which you have linked. I’ve recognised the readme.txt file and that was the firmware i had before i flashed with the piodata-firmware. So that’s indeed the firmware i want to go back to… (has RPC 1)
Is the following normal: with nero infotool, when i selected bitsetting, that everything is set to n/a? So i can change nothing! This was the case with the original, the piodata and the firmware from NIL. So how can i see, which formats are set to bitsetting and which not? And does “flashing your firmware” affect this settings?
I’ll try to flash my drive with the firmware from NIL and i’ll let know if it works.

That’s why you need to use the FORCE option and agree with “y”.
Otherwise it will not work.

Flash a drive only if it’s necessary, all of them should be fine up to 50x, some manufacturers said 100x max but some drives could be flashed up to 200x.

do i have to select “fix mode” with the updater you added?

now i’ve tried it with the firmware which you’ve linked too:
first i just tried it with dvrflash but i got a strange error (not seen before)
second i tried with your tool (without the fix mode selected) and it worked just fine. Thank you very much.
50x, ok thank you, good to know… (i’m not even close but…) :wink:

just for information the following questions:
1)is “fix mode” the same as “FORCE option” and as the “-vf” parameter instead of the “-v” parameter and what does this option exactly do?
2) What is now my bitsetting with DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL, and how come that if I want to look at that with “Nero CD-DVD Speed”, everything has n/a? Is this normal? Do i have to use another prog to view and change these settings? Is it even possible to change these settings with the firmware i have now installed (NIL) and if so, for which formats (DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL) ? If possible, is there a maximum amount of times you can change these settings?
3)the “read me” of NIL’s firmware says: “Not patched:Bitsetting (” Come back to your senses and Burn on -R media instead, people!!!")"
Does this mean: also no bitsetting for +R DL (because original pioneer firmware had bitsetting for +R DL), or does it mean: no bitsetting for only +R?
Why is bitsetting for +R not good and do we have to use -R instead?

  1. similar
  2. try DVDInfoPro
  3. Bitsetting for DL media with 108 and 109 drives is DEFAULT to DVD-ROM!
    >NIL: is referring to +R & +RW media only.

I’ve got the Pioneer DVR-108 with firmware 1.18. I need to create DVD’s that are as compatible as possible with unknown models of various stand alone DVD players. I’ve been using DVD-R until now, but still have occasional problems, mostly with older DVD players. If I install this Piodata firmware, will that allow me to use bitsetting on DVD+R’s to create a DVD-ROM disc (like a normal commercial DVD)?
Will I be able to do this with both DVD+R single and dual layers discs?
Is this bitsetting something that happens automatically whenever I burn a DVD+R, or do I make some type of setting changes in my software? I am mostly using Proshow Gold 2.0 and I don’t think it has any type of setting like that. I think I can create an ISO image and burn with Nero. Would I find settings in Nero to make this a DVD-ROM type disc?

Will I be able to do this with both DVD+R single and dual layers discs? = yes, but not +rw [apparently].

Is this bitsetting something that happens automatically whenever I burn a DVD+R = yes

better to create iso & burn w/dvd decrypter

I downloaded the piodata DVR108DX_FW118EU.EXE firmware. Also the DVRFlash_v2.0. Is this all I need or do I need some sort of kernel file? Will be able to flash back to the Pioneer 1.18 firmware in case I run into a problem?

  1. Kernel file is necessary for the cross-flash. If you have luck it is included.
  2. Yes, using DVRFlash2 + Pio Kernel + Pio firmware.