Pioneer DVR-108 - PIO mode?

I just bought my DVR-108. I have it connected to a Manhattan Mercury IDE controller (Silicon Image chipset). Had a little problems for it to be recognized, but now Windows XP and 2000 recognize it and the controller says it is in Ultra DMA Mode 4. About 5 minutes ago I tried to burn to a CD-RW and noticed sometimes there was very high hard disk activity. Pressed CTRL+ALT+CANC to verify CPU usage but was almost steady 0-3%. But how do I justify the hard disk activity ? Since I installed the controller it has gotten up!

The IDE cable which connects the controller to the Pioneer is less than 5 millimeters away from my graphics card (GeForce 6800) core, which generates a lot of heat (about 68°C) and my side fan is DISABLED because of the Pioneer which sucks too much watts for my 400W power supply (I’m waiting for a 550W). May it be because of heat or… will I have to experience periodic slowdowns like these just because of my IDE controller :confused:?

Check the manual of the card, probably you will find the info that it weren’t made for the use with OPTICAL DRIVES.

It were! The unit is recognized as CD-ROM but can currently read DVDs… have not tried burning one though. Confirmed CD burning is NOT PIO-moded.

If the extra controller has no BIOS the transfer mode is automatically set, you cannot do anything about it then.
Did you install special drivers from the manufacturer for this device?

Yes, otherwise the drive would not be recognized. The IDE controller also started detecting it after drives for Windows XP were installed.

are the read drive and write drive on the same cable, if so seperate them, IDE interfaces don’t multi task very well. It may also be better if you put all hard drives on to the card and roms onto motherboard. Hope this is of use to u.

Right, that was my B-plan in case the burner on the IDE controller did not properly function.

Confirmed my drive is in Ultra DMA 4, problem solved.