Pioneer DVR-108 or NEC 3500 with Taiyo Y. DVD-Rs?



I could really use some advice from the experts on this forum… I recently purchsed a large number of T.Y. 8x DVD-Rs from a reputable UK website (SVP communications ) only to find that 3 out of the first 5 dsics I tried to burn on my Samsung DL DVD writer failed. Since the site seems ot have a very good reputation (and offered to replace/refund the discs within 3 hours of my sending an email), I think it is probably the writer which is at fault and decided to return it and buy a new drive from SVP communications.

They recommended the Pioneer DVR-108 or the NEC 3500; bearing in mind that

  • I am only interested in how long the data is likely to survive intact (or if that is impossible to measure then in having a low error rate on each disc burnt) and not in burn speed

  • I will probably stick with the 8x T.Y. DVD-R media for quite some time

can anyone recommend one drive over the other?

Thank you very much,


Both drives are an excellent choice, it’s very difficult to recommend one over the other. They are in fact based on identical chipsets. Some would say that the NEC has a slight edge in terms of burning accuracy, but this is arguable. Honestly I the only thing I can say is to get the cheaper one.

As to long term data integrity, even if you are burning to high quality media with the best burners, this does not excuse you from observing proper backup procedures. Your data is not “backed up” until you have redundant copies stored in different locations. Otherwise you are very vulnerable to data loss via bad batches of media or accidental damage to burned media.


TY DVD-R 8x then TYG02? TYG02 works very well with Samsung TS-H552B which is the only DL DVD writer from Samsung. Or TS-H552U which should work equally well.

I don’t know any drive that does not work well with TYG02. If your 3 discs failed, then it must be from some other reason. Either Pioneer or NEC works well, too.

I am burning a TYG02 8x DVD-R right now with CD-Speed 3.55.


10-20% of PAR2 should do it just fine :slight_smile:


Thank you all for the quick and informative advice.

DVD identifier does indeed reports the media as TYG02, and the drive is a TS-H552B; the second reason that I thought the drive was more likely to be at fault than the media was that the drive failed while writing a CD (Verbatim DatalifePlus), which had never happened to me before.

I do checksum and backup anything irreplaceable twice, but I’m happier if those copies are made by a good burner on reputable media. I had avoided PAR before because it seemed quite unwieldy - PAR2 looks very useful and I shall look into it post haste!


This is a common misconception. The manufacturer of the chip is the same. The chips are not. The two drives write very differently.


Dear Elwyn,
The Taiyo Yuden (DVD-R 8x and DVD+R 8x) reproduce excellent quality with my DVD back ups, burned on my NEC 3500AG with 2.18 official firmware. From what you can see below they burn @12x and @16x with absolutely no problems. But I can only speak for my NEC 3500AG and not for the Pionner DVR 108, since I do not have any experience with that DVD Recorder.