Pioneer DVR 108 Not Read Verbatim Dual Layer DVD

I have had my Pioneer Dvd Burner for a couple of years. It has worked perfecly with many cds and some really cheap dvd media, burned fine. I recently updated the firmware of the drive to 1.20 so it was perfect when I bought my dual layer dvd to burn. This should have been the case however, Today i bought a Verbatim DVD-R DL disk 2x to 4x speed/vitesse. And when i put it into my Pioneer DVR-108 it doent read it as a disk. Windows says please insert a disk and DVD Decrypter says (Incompatible Medium Installed). What the hell Verbatim is supposed to be good and this Pioneer supports dual layer burning. Also since the firmware upgrade to 1.20 the drive seems to be reading disks differently. All other disks i have tried work except my Verbatim Dual Layer. I have even tried downgrading the firmware through dvr flash to 1.14, but it still wont read the verbatim. Any ideas Please!!!

Please read the specs of the drive.

It does burn +R DL, but not -R DL!

Thanks! :slight_smile: Would have read this before i bought the disk but had no idea where to find specs. Oh well. What firmware would you recommend for the drive the latest from Pioneer 1.20 or an earlier version or an earlier patched version???

Some prefer 1.14, I cannot say that 1.20 has given me issues.