Pioneer DVR-108 fw1.20... Best Media?

My Pioneer DVR-108 loves the Maxell 8X-R’s with the orange tops… Will make perfect data discs at 16X with Nero 6 and backup movies with DVD X-Copy platinum at 8X… :cool: Having said that, however… :confused: It makes coasters with Memorex 8X - and + R’s, does the same with Ridata and Sony… I am running firmware 1.20, and I was wondering if others running the same could share with me what other media works best for them… I have seen some great deals on Taiyo Yuden; Any help and insights will be Greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

My setup: Liquid cooled 939 64 3500+ in Gigabyte mobo
2 GB Geil dual channel ddr400
Gigabyte 6600 GT
WD 74GB Raptor system drive sata
2 x 250GB WD storage sata

Ritek G05 burnt at 4x in my 108 with Gradius 1.20 FW
and same discs in my 109 crossflashed to A09 1.40 FW
Using Shrink + Nero
occasionally Platinum 40415 RF patched with ripper

Thanks for the tip Ispy, but I’m really looking for some speed comparable to what I’m getting w/ the Maxell… Hoping somebody might know some solid 8X burn media?

I don’t know if yopu are looking for -R specifically, but I have had great success with the TDK 8X +R’s (CMC MAG E01) and the Verbatim 8X +R’s (MCC 003); both write reliably @ 16X with my A08XL (fW 1.20b). The 8X +R Fuji’s are also very good (don’t remember the media code but they write at 16X). Stick to well known brands and you can’t go wrong with the 108/A08.


:slight_smile: Thanks jl! Are the 108 and the A08 pretty much the same, then?..

Yes, they are the same except for the faceplate, the quietdrive feature, and the ability for the A08 to rip at slightly faster speeds I believe.


Strange, in my pio 109 (1.40 or 1.50B) when i burn a ritek g05 i can choose:

4x 8x 12x :bigsmile:

Seems to be a crap media :slight_smile:

I like to keep the burns to 8x or below to get less errors,whats a few minutes saved anyway,never in that much of a rush.

I have a DVR-108 with fw 1.20 also, and Nero6 is saying that these RITEK R04 (16x) DVD+R’s will only burn at 12x speed. Why is this? The product information for this burner says its capable of 16x…

Fuji +R’s always give me great results. Only media I use now.

Datawrite DVD+R 8x @ 12x not bad i think :iagree:

I can tell you what I’ve had good results with, but I only found it out after testing my burns from the Pioneer DVR-108 in my Plextor px716A. The genuine ritekg05 (DVD-R Ridata branded as an example, sold from seem to do well, whether at their rated speed of 8x or allowed to burn at 12x by default on the Pioneer. I’ve also burned a few Yudenty000-t02-00 (Fuji 8x DVD+R 50 pk, Made in Japan from Best Buy) at 8x and 12x on the DVR-108 and have gotten better results from them. :slight_smile: Basically, the Ritekg05s and TYs are close to each other in the PIE scans, but it is the PIF scans where the TYs are clearly ahead. One MID to avoid at all costs is CMCMAG E01-00 (TDK 50 pk 8x from Best Buy)–those are most definitely junk burned on a Pioneer DVR-108 from the scans I did on them.

Yep me too. Ive only ever burnt over 8x about one or twice.

PIONEER DVR-108 1.20

One’s that do work for me:

Supported Write Speeds: 4x; 6x; 8x; 12x

DVD+R DL (Traxdata)
Supported Write Speeds: 2,4x

Supported Write Speeds: 1x; 2x
Size 1.46GB
Disc Size: 80mm

One’s that don’t work for me:

CMC MAG-M01-00
Supported Write Speeds: 4x; 6x; 8x; 12x; 16x

Conclusion: Avoid Platinum if you cannot give them back because they also use various MIDs… stick with Quality like TY and Verbatims.

my 108 loves the CMC made MCC03RG20 so much :smiley:

don’t trust the 108 built-in quality scans, it’s not accurate at all, I use Kprobe on a liteon!