Pioneer DVR-108 - Data Errors

Hi all,

I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108.

I’m burning onto TDK brand DVDrs 1-16x.

Whenever I try to burn a data DVD (i’m usually burning 6 or 7 data files, usually videos), it doesn’t work properly.

The burn process completes as normal in the software, with no errors however:

-I have trouble opening the files (most often the last file which is unreadable and causes the program i’m trying to open it with to hang)

-and when I run Data Verification after a burn it results in something like this log:

In short, a hell of a lot of read errors. Clearly the data is not being burned onto the disc properly.

I have tried using both Nero and DeepBurn with the same result.

I have also updated the Firmware to the latest version (1.20).

This drive has worked fine in the past, however I have had this problem for a month of so and can’t remember anything of note which may have caused it to stop working around the time that it did.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi lachyzee,

Had I seen your post, I would have replied here rather than starting a new thread here:

But, I’m getting exactly the same problem as you.

According to the replies I got, these disks are not too good.

I noticed from your logs that the media ID code is TTH02.

Those were the ones I have trouble with. The errors start at about 95% on mine. I found I had to reduce the amount of data by 300 Mb or so before I could get a successful burn.

Where did you buy them from?