Pioneer DVR-108 burns really slow!

I just got my DVR-108 and im burning a backup of Hidalgo @ x16 on a ritek x8 dvd-r and its taking so damn long! I decrypted the dvd on my hardrive and shrunk it to fit one single layer dvd. burnt using Nero and it took 28:30 minutes!!! whats wrong with this thing? help me plz.

thanks. :confused:

make sure your drive is DMA ENABLED. if you’re using xp here’s a guide on how to set to DMA:

Im acctually on win2K.
How can I tell if DMA is enabled or not?
look there for how to enable DMA with windows 2000 pro

fixed it mate, thanks for the help. Just burnt the dvd in 6:30min.
Im gonna test it soon with the updated firmware which is supposed to reduce writing time.

Im using Ritek x8 media as mentioned earlier and burning @ x12.

Does anyone know of any media that will allow me to burn @ x16?

is there anyway i can increase the writing speed of this drive?

is there anyway i can increase the writing speed of this drive?

you can check that link up above. there’s a beta firmware hack but i’m not sure if the writing speed can be increased or not. i don’t have a 108 yet just got a 107d.

hey there,
got a problem again…
burning a dvd and the writing is taking too long and very unstable looking.
the buffer keeps going up and down like crazy too.
I enabled DMA, and im on 1.14 firmware. where can the problem be?

I guess that forgotten part you talk about here is more important than you think eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a missing gear.

so you think that peice is the cause of the slow speed burning im getting?
I dont even know how to put it back, ill need to mess around with it. :slight_smile:

just figured out i connected the drive on the same IDE as the HDD i was burning from.
After burning from another HDD i have installed it burnt a dvd under 7 minutes.
So i guess that part is junk afterall :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi i got the 108 oem and it arrived with 1.06 firmware to which i flashed to new 1.14, but i decided to try the 1.06 hacked one even though it would mean losing any fixes from 1.06 through to 1.14.

I aint had any the progs i read here, it burnd dvd+r / dvd-r /dvd+rw /dvd-rw cdr /cdrw all infact aprt from i aint got any dvd +r dl to try yet.

i fille da dvd to full capacity with Datawrite 8x media dvd-r it took,

7m 40s @ 8x

7m 06s @12x

6m 33s @16x

So overall im happy apart from ripping time in real apps like dvd decrypter are like 5x even though it hits 14x 12x meant to be max) in nero cd/dvd speed.

I dont see the pint in a 16x dvd writer reading or ripping at 12x, i assume later firmwares will adress this and hope to get newest hacked one as im now stuck being un able to use real pioneer firmware as it knows i am on hacked one, maybe i can do in real dos.

Verbratium (thinks thats correct) are avail in UK as 12x dvd + now and pioneer say the 8x ones do 12x so im sure the 12x will do 16x with no hacks.

Maybe using a DVD-ROM drive for ripping is a good idea if you do that often - your burner will live longer. :slight_smile:

Nope. :slight_smile:

Cause i got rid of rom and got a teac 16xdvd 52x32x52 combo dvdrom/cdwriter as the pioneer is to slow as im used to 52x and i got some nice 32xcdrw media, anyhow the teac can read dvd+/-r only at 8x not 16 as in dvdrom, alos i can again on fly using either drive for cdrw or dvd in pioneer

In this day its not £ to get new writer anyhow and i will buy new one well beffore this is broken