Pioneer DVR-108 burning speed too low (DMA is enabled I think)



I just got a pioneer dvr108 burner. Have installed hacked latest firmware. When I burn at 6 speed in alcohol 120%, the speed starts at 2X and then eventually goes up very slowly to 6X (at 70% it’s 5.5X). So the burning isn’t as fast as its meant to be.
In nero, the buffer thingo bar keeps switching between 30%, 60% and 100%. Rather silly really and it also takes ages to burn, even at 8 speed.
I checked all the IDE channels and theyre all dna if available enabled. THey use dma 2.
In bios the dma is set to 2 and the other thingo (forgot what its called is 4 from memory).
Just wondering how I can solve the problem?


oh and im copying on the fly btw


And that is your problem!
More specific, your sourcedrive is the culprint.


hehhee fair enough :slight_smile: so how would i make my lg sourcedrive able to do crazy fun stuff enabling it to let me burn at 6/8x


LG DVD-ROM? I have no hope.

Which model?


sorry silly for me not to specify.
It says: