Pioneer DVR-108 and CD burning problem

Hi guys,

Just got this drive for less than a week. It burned DVDs fine at 4X.

However I today started to burn some CDs and realize it can’t burn CDs at all, does not matter what speed or media are used. I also tried to change the drive to another computer but nothing changed.

FireBurner 2.2.1 hangs at the beginning.

Nero stops in the middle of writing process.

As a result, the media all become coasters. After the problem occurs, the drive can’t be regconized by any recording program anymore. It is still listed under Device Manager though. Rebooting computer allows these programs to see the drive again.

It’s OEM drive. I’ve tried Firmwares 1.10 and 1.14. Both computers tested with this drive use Windows XP Professional, one with SP1 and the other with SP2.

Anyone got any idea? All inputs would be greatly appreciated.


What CDs are you trying to burn? Cheapo no-name or quality branded stuff?


I’ve tried to burn with HP 48X and Samsung 48X. I even tried to burn them at 12X but still experienced the trouble. My laptop burned these CDs fine at 24X (max speed the laptop’s CD-R drive can write).

Sounds like you have a faulty drive then if you’ve tried in 2 different PCs. You will need to return it to the supplier for replacement.

Yeah you’re right. I went back to the store for a replacement drive and now it is burning both CDs/DVDs normally with Nero. FireBurner is not working with this drive though.