Pioneer DVR-108 16X DVD recorder review @ Mikhailtech

I just posted the article Pioneer DVR-108 16X DVD recorder review @ Mikhailtech.

cerberus lets us know that Mikhailtech has posted a review of the Pioneer DVR-108 DVD recorder. Besides supporting 4x dual layer recording, this Pioneer drive supports ultra fast…

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Still no 16x burns… We need those 16x media, who is hiding them? :stuck_out_tongue:

i did…sorry but theyre too delicious

Sigh… does anyone know if you can purchase and snap on the COOOL looking faceplates of the DVR-A08XL to these OEM versions of this drive? :g

Sorry dude, you gotta do what I did and buy the retail version. It’s a fair bit more but worth it in my opinion as they look great.

as far as 16x media … my dvr-108 will write to memorex 8x at 16x…i was quite pleased to find that out… any questions (