Pioneer DVR-108 16X DVD-R/+R $129 shipped



JUST IN ! has it for $129.00 shipped.


i just got mine today. :slight_smile:


How is it Jamos? Don’t leave out the details.


I hope you have also some DL media to write at 4x. :slight_smile:

Is there a bundled 4x DL media?


no it’s oem. the 108 is the oem of the A08xl doesnt have the fancy plate or headphone jack or noise damping and all the extra software either but otherwise is the same drive.

but im gonna buy some dl media hopefully today. :wink:

So far excellent burns…no bitsetting on dvd+r but my reason was more for dvd-r and dvd dl 4x.

also a side note this is a true sd 3.x killer…my backups of sd 3.x titles play flawlessly with this drive and just hide atip enabled. :smiley: even doom3 which i cant get to work with any other drive but this one starts it fine plays fine go figure…


So where is this illusive list of media that we can use to burn at 16x speeds and 4x dl speeds? It’s supposed to be posted at pioneer’s site but I can’t find it anywhere? -HELP :slight_smile:



WTF was up with CDRInfo’s review of the Asus (Pio clone) then? Their -R and +R burns sucked bigtime.


The current low price for the Pioneer DVR-108 (OEM) on the USA price search web site is $96 shipped (search key word “DVR-108”). has it for $99 shipped.


Anyone know when the Retail version (with the cool face plate :D) will be available? Or if it IS available now, could you tell me who has it? THANKS


Retail is in shop in 1 month.


Here’s a review of the drive.


can anyone explain me what that fancy plate, headphone jack, noise damping stuff does?

cause i still dont have clue what justifies the 40-50 euro price difference (dont care about the extra software btw)


Read the link right above your post.


the biggest difference is the ripping speed for DL+9. The OEM 108 is locked at 5x and the Retail will rip at 12x. Plus the retail has the fancy faceplate and noise reduction plus the software.


Well if you live in the US or Canada then you can order the “Retail” from NCIX