Pioneer DVR-107D

im thinking about getting this dvd burner

but i have found out it’s running firmware 1.07!

out of 1.15!

how easy would it be to upgrade it?

as i dont want to be burning coasters but i will need the updated firmware, for the type of media and stuff i will be burning

please help me out!

i am good with pc’s but never done this before!

Congrats on the purchase.

You just need to go to the pioneer website under support. Download the firmware upgrade and follow the instructions. In general, the computer should be doing nothing else while upgrading the firmware. You’ll never buy a drive with the latest firmware- the drives are manufactured months ago, and the firmware is updated every month or 2.

danb00, I wouldn’t worry about it. The upgrade process couldn’t be simpler. Enjoy your new drive.

i have not bought it yet :slight_smile:
i just wanted to find out how easy it was to update it, as i dont want to bye a drive, update it, and only be able to burn coasters!

thats the info i got from the online company before i was going to get it :slight_smile:

so i am now going to order it.