Pioneer DVR-107D will not work in UDMA 2....not another one I hear you say!

Hey, read quite a few posts about the 107D only working in crappy PIO mode, I have the same prob. To get the drive to work I have to change the transfer mode to PIO which is not what I want as it doubles the burn time :frowning:


Mobo: Gigabyte 7NNXP with latest v2.41 nVIDIA chipset drivers.
Drives: 80g WD HDD on Primary master.
Pioneer DVR-107D on Secondary master, Sony DRU 1612 on secondary slave.

Any ideas on how to solve my problem?


Try the MS supplied IDE drivers instead of the nforce ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Works cheers, thought it would be Nvidia’s IDE drivers. Cheers matey! :slight_smile: