Pioneer DVR-107d "stopped working"

I was in the middle of burining a dvd today and i recived an error in the middle of the burn, I canceld the burn and since then my drive will not even read dvd(s) of any kind they don’t register in my computer either. I tried uninstalling the drive from device manger that didn’t work. When I insert a DVD blank or w/a movie on it it makes a strange noise (almost like a scanning sound) about 4-6 times, then stops. This Burner has been great for about 2 years now, I only have had problems w/tdk media on 8X before. This time when it stopped I was burning w/ Roxio 8’s disc copier on 8X sony DVD+R . Any help/advice would be awesome . Thanks

Time for a new drive.

ahhh, O well was a champ for 2 years . Do u have any specific drives that your would recomend? -Thanks for the fast response

A Pioneer DVD burner from the 110 range. Any of them, can be crossflashed to 110 and A10…