Pioneer DVR-107D - MAcintosh - Error with DVD+RW

I don´t know to do anymore.

I bought DVR-107D, and throw my 104D away.

I have differents kind of DVD+RW
(Samsung 1-2.4X)
(Philips 1-4X)

When I try to record DVD+RW, a error appears, saying that my disc is not compatible.

Please, if anyone knows, help


(sorry for my english, i´m from Brazil)

I did burn successfully DVD+RW Verbatim 2.4x

Try with other media.

Never sorry about your english.

Are you running a hack like PatchBurn I/II or the hack from lacie, to make the 107D OSX friendly/supported?

Here is some info here.

The rumor is, the 107D will be offically supported in 10.3.3 when it’s released in the next week or so.

Here is another good link for what works with the Patchburn hack.