Pioneer DVR-107D firmware problem

I downloaded and upgraded the newest Pioneer upgrade (56825951DVR107_FW_110.exe). This upgrade from the original firmware did not work for me. I made a number of +R and -R coasters before changing firmware. Instead of going back to orginal firmware, I decided to try the hacked ( version. This firmware is working very good. I am now trying various brands to determine how fast I can burn. There are no limitations on brands (DVD-R) up to 8X. You will make coasters if you try to go too fast. So far I have got G04 Ritek(4x) and Verbatim(4x) to burn without error at 8X. I have only tried it with a 2GB burn… will try full DVD burn later.

Could u email me this hacked firmware or shoot me a link thx email is

Did a full DVD 4gb burn(-R) on a few more Riteck G04 and they seemed fine (no errors). Riteck G03 brand (-R) did not do as good. I could only get them to go at 6X without error. I tried some 1X BeAll -R and they worked only at 2X. Also, the 4X Verbatim worked perfect up to 8X. This was with the new hacked

I tryed that site dam password or username wouldn,t work would be much easyer if u could email that hack to me thx.

Here is another, as above never had to enter pass?.