Pioneer DVR-107D Can't Read DVDR

Hi, I am the owner of a Pioneer DVR-107D. It is running the latest firmware which is 1.21.

Something is terribly wrong with it. The thing is, I have burned a couple of dvd+r’s with it using nero, and everything seems to be fine. I even have the verify option on to make sure all the data has been properly burned. But, after burning, I can’t seem to read the disc!

It just shows up as a blank dvd when i insert the disc in. I know that it has been properly burned because I borrowed the dvd to a friend and he can read it using his dvd drive. But whenever I insert it into my dvdrw drive, it just shows up as blank.

Also, I have windows to normally pop up the burn a new dvd etcetc whenever I insert a blank dvd in. So once, I just tried clicking on burn using nero after I inserted the dvdr which I have burned. All the files are in the dvdr except its kind of grayed out in nero. Does this mean anything?

Please help, thanks in advance.

That is a well-known software/OS conflict - NOT THE DRIVE.
Check the m$ support sites for a solution.;en-us;867717