Pioneer DVR-107D and TDK +R, -R Media

Bit of a newbie (albeit I did visit cdfreaks many years ago (98 or so) when I picked up my Yamaha 2xCDR). I did a quick search on the forum for my problem, but didn’t find anything specific, so I thought I would post. Apols if this has been covered and I missed it.

Anyway, just got a Pioneer DVR-107D, and its been a bit of an interesting night. Bought some media at lunchtime, the only place I could get to was Dick Smith, here in Sydney, Oz. Just about all they sold was TDK, so I bought a 1-4x +R, 1-4x -R, and 2 1-4x +RW.

The night started well … ripped bugs life using DVD shrink (after find some good references to it from this site), and burnt (+RW) and played well on my Pioneer 525 stand alone unit.

Tried the +R and -R and both failed towards the end of the burning process. Something about “Failed to close disc-at-once” or something like that (I should have taken a note of it).

Tried the other +RW and it worked fine.

Nero was used to do the burning.

Does this sound like a media problem / burning proggy problem ? Hopefully not a drive problem.

Is there any disadvantage to using RW media to R media ? Most of the retail outlets I have seen (after a quick search on the net) seem to sell them for the same price’ish, and so far I have only had joy with the RW.

Can anyone recommend a good R media for the 107 locally sold ?



That is a bug in earlier Nero versions.

Upgrade to newest version and the problem should be gone.

Cheers matey, I will give that a go.