Pioneer DVR-107D & 107XL v1.16 - RPC-1, 12xRip, nx4all

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G’day all,

Here are some media tests done with 1.16 nx4all RPC-1.

Firstly, we have Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R B-Grade (TYG01) at 8x. Burn time: 8min23sec. Fairly good result for 2nd rate Taiyo Yuden media. My advice: Ít should be pretty safe to overspeed your Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs.

…Secondly, we have Shintaro 8x DVD-R (CMC Magnetics) at 8x. Burn time: 8min19sec. KProbe stopped near the half way point of the burn probably because the disc was unreadable. My advice: burn CMC 8x DVD-R media at 4x until Pioneer fixes the write strategy.

…Next we have Verbatim 4x DVD-R (MCC 01RG20) at 8x. Burn time: 8min29sec. I would recommend burning these discs (Made in Taiwan) at 6x CLV, because the PI/PO errors at the end of this particular burn does give a worrying feeling. I would say that upspeeding the Made in Singapore Verbatims to 8x may give better results.

OK. Now for DVD+R media.

Firstly, we have Shintaro 8x DVD+R (CMC Magnetics) at 8x. Burn time was 8min30sec. Again, KProbe refused to read the entire disc despite repeated attempts. The high number of PIs towards the end of the 6x Zone is a little worrying. Again, burn these at 4x until Pioneer fixes the write strategy.

…Secondly we have TDK 4x DVD+R media (RICOHJPNR01). This is the stuff that yeilds me extremely low error rates on my LiteON LDW-451S@851S with GS0F firmware.

Burn time was 8min31sec. Nothing new here - error rates are about the same as previous firmware revisions. Write quality is reasonable, but the PI does get a little high at the end. I would recommend burning these at 6x.


Now all we need is this done for the Firmware for the A07LX!

I don’t think there is such a thing as a “DVR-107XL” - the DVR-A07XLA/B drives are retail only as far as I know, and the only OEM “7 series” drive available is the DVR-107/DVR-107D.

Use the “DVR-107XL” firmware for the DVR-A07XL drives.


just upgraded my A07XL to this firmware have to say , im in love.

Firstly here is a Ritek G04 Burnt @ 4x on the Pioneer A07XL with the 1.18 Firmware, Kprobe done on a Liteon 411s @ 811s. (4x read)

And now this is a Ritek G04 Burnt @ 8x on the Pioneer A07XL with v1.16 hax firmware, Kprobel done on a Liteon 411s @ 811s (4x read)

PO never got over 1 and the PI over 25, Exceptional burn in my books,

Both burns Verified 100% in Nero Data Verification.

very pleased.