Pioneer DVR-107 recognised but will not burn in most programs

Hi all

I bought a Pioneer DVR-107 OEM drive last year. Not had a huge amount of use for it but had tried it at time of purchase with a few programs such as Nero.

Now here’s the deal:

My computer seems to accept the drive fine. It shows up in hardware devices fine. It claims to be using the MIcrosoft drivers from Windows XP and I have installed Firmware 1.21

Every program, including the main one I need it for, Adobe Premiere, shows the drive and can read it fine. If I load up Nero for example it knows the drive is there but it simply will not write to it. Premiere is worse- it says in the export to dvd option “Media status: Ready” and also names my DVD drive. I then select burn option and after spending an age transcoding, it comes up with “Error burning” and doesn’t burn the disc. I simply cannot think of any reason why this would happen if it knows the drive is there.

In fact the only way I have ever been able to burn anything to the DVD is through a shareware program I downloaded from This program is called Deepburner and has no problems whatsoever reading and burning to discs.

My system is:

Athlon 1800+
768MB Ram

I am unsuire about my motherboard as I’ve never really been into my computer and not sure how to find out what model it it.

In Hardware Devices the follwing drivers are noted:

Under CD/DVD:

Pioneer DVR-107D, driver 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

Under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers:

SiS 5513 IDE UDMA, driver 5.1.1039.2040
Primary IDE, driver 5.1.2600.2180 (same for secondary)

IEEE1394 Bus HOst Controllers:

VIA OHCI COmpliant IEEE1394 Host Controller

Not sure how useful all that is but if you need anything more then please let em know.

I know that many people have had a problem with this make of drive but I cannot find anyone who has the same problem as me. Please help as its driving me up the wall- the fact that every program recognises the drive and says it’ll be OK to burn to and then doesn’t is just crazy!

Hope you can help


Are blank DVD media recognized in eg. Nero?

From what I can tell, most programs do recognise that there is a disc in the drive. Premiere Pro certainly does. It tested for a disc, said “ready” and then proceeded to render my files for 15hrs whereupon it then said “DVD burner problem”. No idea what the problem was, it woulodn’t say.

Nero basically pretends its burning, the bars go up, lights flash but when its all done the disc is unmarked and there is no data copied. Understandably I thought maybe the laser was broken but then I found Deepburner and realised I could burn discs after all.

I have used a variety of discs in the burner, mainly relatively cheap spool discs but occasionally better quality media.

Then please post a NERO Log.