Pioneer dvr 107 confusion

on new egg site they have the pioneer dvr 107 and 107D. Can anyone tell me which is the better buy? The 107D is exactly the same as 107 except it has less features.


Plus they are both about the same price. why does the 107D
have more reviews than the 107 in newegg’s site? Im kind of unclear on which burner to get. Can anyone tell me which one would be the better pic. Are these burners anygood in quality (few errors)? Is it risky to upgrade the firmware to the burner to v1.18?

the difference is one is beige and the other is black. both drives are the same. as for the reviews that is just done by other customers who’ve purchased their pioneer 107 drive. it has nothing to do with one being better than the other. price difference is 99 cents! :rolleyes: get the one that matches your computer case.

does the dvr107 compare to the liteon812s or 832s in burning games and quality when burning. the 832s can burn dual layer but it is the same price as the 107 which cant burn dual layer. i looked at both reviews and im stuck on which burner to buy.

The only difference is the liteon drives have bitsetting. There is no bitsetting with any pioneer drive.
Here’s a link on what bitsetting is:

If you have a standalone dvd player that can not play DVD+R discs, using bitsetting will set the DVD+R to burn with the DVD-ROM book type. then it will be able to playback in that standalone dvd player. Panasonic standalone dvd players is a perfect example. It can only play DVD-R.

As for dual layer burning, the dual layer discs are expensive at about $12.00 a disc and the burning speed is only 2.4, they may not be able to play on older standalone dvd players. i’d wait on the dual layer burning but that’s just my own opinion.

Take a look at the liteon forum in here. There is a utility called OMNI PATCHER that can patch the drives with other firmware. For example a 812@832 drive by using a 832 firmware. here’s a link for the OMNI PATCHER thread:

Hope this helps narrow down your choice of what burner to purchase! :slight_smile: