Pioneer dvr-106d wont read/write cds anymore

I was burning an iso with Nero using my Pioneer dvr-106d and the burn failed. Since then it wont read or write any cds but it still reads and writes dvds. Below is the information on the media I was using at the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

                      Media Information                            

Manufacturer Media Code Not Specified
Free Blocks 736960512
Free Capacity 702.82MB(736.96MB)
Media Type CD-R
HD-BURN Certified NO
Available Write Descriptor CLV 1.0x 150KBps

As you can see it was pretty cheap stuff

I’ve got the same problem! I don’t know when it happend, but now i can’t read or write any cd’s!!! I’ve updated the firmware and it’s still the same… what can i do?

Nothing lasts forever.

However, you could try cleaning the lens.