Pioneer DVR-106D won't read DVD and CD


I recently chucked a Pioneer DVR-106D into my PC and I’m having a few problems with it. First, it can read CDs and DVD movies, however it cannot read data DVDs (burnt and works on another PC), or CDs which I attempted to burn on the drive (which are said to be blank on another PC).

By looking at the drive’s properties, windows lists it as “Type: CD Drive”. I downloaded the latest firmware update (1.08) from the Pioneer website, yet it is still using the windows generic driver (and the “Standard CD Drive” driver at that).

Can anyone help me?


This is a driver problem then.

VideoDVDs are just also DataDVDs.

This is a known issue of DVR-106D read failures of burned DVD media. I used to own one and ran into this problem - the burned DVD (data and video) would mount right after the burn but then never again, but the DVD worked fine on home DVD players and other DVD readers. I contacted Pioneer support and they said it’s likely a hardware issue (laser lens) but I was already out of warranty. The drive was also getting very picky about the type of media I used.

Nope, that is a regularly problem with all kinds and all brnads of burners because of creepy 3rd party drivers and softwares that corrupt important registry entries…