Pioneer DVR-106D v1.07

I have recently bought the above DVD writer having seen the good reviews. However, I am having massive problems with the unit. I am using Any DVD and Clone DVD to backup. The problem is when I play the backup, I get small squares and the sound dies. I have tried using Bulkpaq Orange media but was then told they were c–p! Then I switched to Ritek grade A but have had mixed results. I successfully backed up a movie after 4 coasters! I had not done anything any different to when I backed it up previously. So as a process of elimination I thought right I’ll back the same movie up again. Guess what it had squares and the sound went. However, I seem to have proven that the image on the hard drive is ok as I have had 1 successful burn. My system is Athlon 1700XP, 640 DDR Ram, Windows XP Pro with SP1, 64MB Geforce 2 and I am using DVD writer to both read and write the image as my other drive is a Lite On CD-writer. I disable Norton anti-virus 2003 before I burn and do not do anything else on the pc, I just let it read and write. Any ideas as I may return this writer under my 30 day no quibble warranty? Thanks in advance.

Just guessing but it doesn’t sound like your system is setup to play DVD’s???

Can you play an orginal DVD (without little squares) ??

Do the DVD’s play all right on a DVD Player??