Pioneer DVR-106D flash....which firmware to use?

I have an OEM Pioneer DVR-106D drive that was rebadged as a Memorex DualX. I upgraded the firmware to version 1.08 with DVRFlash so it is now a Pioneer 106D V1.08. I now see that there is a version 1.09 available on this forum. Can I use this v1.09 and what capabilities will it give me that v1.08 won’t? Or should I just not bother? I don’t know how to flash it with DVRFlash and V 1.09 since the v1.09 firmware file name seems to be in a different nameing format than the v1.08.

I am looking for a firmware that allows me to use the faster 8X media burned at my slower speeds since the Ritek G04’s are in short supply.

You should be able to flash directly as the new flasher will see your drive as a Pioneer 106. As to burning newer media, it is time to get a new drive. The 106 is way beyond it’s useful life. New drives are much better burners and less than $50.

I check 4 Pioneer sites and cannot find any 1.09.

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Yes it is not new. But if you saw some days before the latest in this page was 1.09. I ask Pioneer and they tell 1.07. So I sent a mail to cd freaks to fix it!

The firmware was posted on this very site apparently it was a mistake it should have read v1.07 or it was the wrong firmware as this guy above pointed out there is no v1.09. All is well I flashed with v1.08 which is the latest from pioneer.

Not sure how you can say it’s beyond it’s useful life just because the speeds are down. Many people advise you to burn at 4X anyway to get a more reliable burn. It rips and burns flawlessly and so far has never had a Disk it wouldn’t read or burn. How many new burners can claim that? I think I’ll just hang on to it for now…but thanks…

Advice to burn at 4X can be a problem as many here will point out that quite a bit of media is actually worse at 4X. The other problem is that current media are most certainly not included in your firmware (2004) and consequently, you get a generic burn strategy which almost certainly is not the best for what you buy. Lastly, there are huge increases in the quality of the burning strategies in the last year that you will not see. Given that you aren’t able to scan with your Pioneer, you don’t notice this. I owned a few Pioneers so I saw the difference.

For the record, of over 2000 burns with 7 different drives, I have had 4 bad burns. And it was my own fault for trying an ALI chip in an external enclosure. So most drives made today will burn flawlessly with good media.

Certainly, keep doing what you are if you want. I just wanted to point out that an upgrade from what you have is worth the $40 or so.

I wasn’t taking offense. I only watch movies on my HiDef big screen and the quality of my burns are very good to the eye. I have no doubt technology has improved immensely you are so right. I will most likely buy a new one in the near future. I’ve been looking on Ebay for a NEC.
LOL… I don’t even know what scanning is let alone am I doing it.

Thanks for your comments chas…

No problem. By the way, the difference is not in the quality of the burns as seen while watching. The difference in quality is in how long the burned disc will last before becoming unwatchable.

Is longevity a function of the burner or the media it’s burned on?

All burned media has errors. Errors increase over time, generally faster with poor quality media but also with top quality media, depending on time, humidity, and light. At a certain point the level of errors becomes uncorrectable and the media cannot play. If you want to see an example of this, accelerated, leave a disc in the window facing the summer sun for a few weeks. The player will not even recognize it as media.

Consequently, the drive/media combination with the lowest errors should last the longest, assuming the same media in the same storage environment. No one knows yet how long this really is, so it is safest to start the process with the best media and drive you can. Cheap media can be very expensive, just ask those Ritek users who have found this out the hard way.

BTW, welcome to the forum.