Pioneer dvr-106D cant read dvd's


I have a problem with my dvd drive.
it cant read any DATA DVD even the DVD’s it wroted.

what can I do?, do I need to replace my DVD?


look at the dvd’s… is the lead-in part of the disk a little bit too large?
If it is then it means the dvd cannot see it’s own lead-in… and that is the problem. Normally it should be maximum 2 mm in width

sorry for my english.

I didnt really understood what you were saying… can you make ot more clear?
anyway the disk can be read by other dvd readers (on other computer)

Sorry agian and thanks

Do you have any software like Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools installed?

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Thank you :wink:

I have Deamon tools installed

OK, try this: uninstall Daemon Tools, reboot, and try reading the disc again :slight_smile:

Hopefully that should work - Daemon Tools can cause some strange disc access problems :wink:

OK I am trying right now.

no- it didnt helped.

Does it still burn DVDs? And can it read others DVDs?

it can write dvd’s.
and i think it can only read retail dvd’s, i mean if i enter a movie dvd it’s read it with no problem.

OK, that’s good; it means that the DVD laser still works, and the drive is probably OK :slight_smile:

Try another burn now that you’ve uninstalled Daemon Tools, then try to read the disc. :slight_smile:

to burn dvd? or cd is ok?

I’d try DVD, since that’s what you said you were having problems with. :slight_smile:

ok. i burned a dvd. it cant read it but i have tried on another computer and it’s working fine.

Did you restart your PC after uninstalling Daemon Tools?

Also, can you download Nero InfoTool, run it, and post the results here - it will ask you to save the results as a text file.

which tab do you want to see?

Just click the little floppy icon, and save the file as a text file.

Then open it up, and copy and paste the results into your post. :slight_smile:

This would make no sense. If it can burn DVDs, it can read them too.
Burn with verify and you will see what I mean.

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Please edit your post, remove serial numbers.

Also update Nero (!!!) if you use Nero.