Pioneer DVR-106 OR Sony DRU510A

Hey everyone, first post. I’ve been trolling the forums lately reading what other users have posted etc.

Anyway, my wife said she would buy me a DVD burner for Christmas as long as I told her what I wanted. Before I go on, all of my DVD players play only DVD-R or DVD+RW. I’d prefer DVD-R Also, this is going to replace my Plextor CD Burner, and I already have a DVD-ROM drive.

Okay. After reading a couple of reviews and reading user reviews at DVD-R Help, I have narrowed it down to either a Pioneer DVR-106 or Sony DRU510A. Because I’m replacing my CD burner I’m looking for a rather fast CD burner with the DVD burner. 16 is ok 24 is better.

So which one should I buy. Or should I get a different burner?


PS. I’ll be using it to backup already owned DVDs and burn DV tapes to DVD.


I got a 106, and I’m yet to loose a disc, been using RITEK 4X DVD-R with it, and all has been perfect, and has played in players that would nok read any DVD’s I had burnt with either a LG or the DRU500, so I would go for the 106 for sure

VERY happy with it, everything just works, not like the LiteOn dramas unfolding on this board.

they make dvd - 4x media i thought it was all 2x??

Thanks Oz, just looking for a few more reviews from other people.

Jamos - yes, 4x DVD-R and DVD+R have been on 4x for quite some time now. :bigsmile:

i was faced with this same dilemma, so i decided the sony as they are both pretty much alike, just the sony looks cooler, the bezel :D, and that it does 24x over 16x