Pioneer DVR-105

I have a pioneer dvr-105 I have some trouble with the disks they don’t play well in all dvd players. I was using reitec dvd’s.

I am looking for a new DVD burner I would like to buy one of the best.

If some one could tell me what is the best DVD burner out there that I could buy to give me some good disck’s that will play well in any DVD player.


You don’t need a new player just different software. I also use a pioneer dvr-105 but I use Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter. just remember to select a menu template before burning, the default settings work great. it works fine also allows 2 smaller movies on 1 disk. I have only burnt one coaster out of about 50 burns and that was my own fault, I attempted to force a unsuported format…good luck

Oh by the way Imation DVD-R is the blank media I use

[QUOTE=queball1965;1961408]Oh by the way Imation DVD-R is the blank media I use[/QUOTE]

IMO not the best media try TY or Verbatim