Pioneer DVR-105 Owners

I want to purchase a ‘home’ DvD player, nothing too fancy, however I want it to work with my backups.

I am using Writek 4X - discs. And Pioneer DVR-105

What ‘home’ DvD player will DEFINATLY play these discs without ANY problems???


I think most new models are capable of reading a backup DVD. But to make sure, you can bring a backup disc to try on it.

Yep thats what I did, amazingly my disc worked on every unit in the shop, from 39.99 - 1,399.99

I ended up buying a Pioneer DV-350 purely because it’s the same make as my drive :slight_smile:

I like very much the apex 1500 plays all cdr-dvd-r-w

DVD+R discs are generally better accepted by DVD players, because they’ve much closer specs to the DVD Video.

most of Pioneer DVD-Player play every thing DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW .

i have old one and it’s play every thing.