Pioneer DVR 105 Flashing problem

Hi all,
I have been trying to Flash my Pioneer DVR 105 for RPC-I capability. Finally after reading many posts and forum, I was able to do it using DVR Flash. Now the problem is that my DVD decrypter and all other program fail to recognize any DVD-R drive I put in. The DVD decrypter says “incompatible medium installed”. The drive does not respond to any DVD disk I insert including commercial movie DVDs. I suspect problem in firmware upgrade or firmware incompatibility. here is the firmware I installed :Pioneer DVR-105. Pioneer DVR-105 v1.33 RPC-1 + 2xDVD-R + 12xRip…

Please help…
Thanks y’ll.

Please post the output from
DVRFlash -v X:
where X: is the driveletter.

Here it is:

Device parameter was not givern, detecting all DVR drives:

Device : F:
Vendor : Pioneer
Model : DVD-RW DVR-105
Revision : 1.33

Status : RPC-1 (region free)


I think this is not what you were looking for…I am trying to get DVRFlash command prompt with -VF however, I can’t figure out how to do. To upgrade my firmware, I put all my firmware and DVRflash in same folder that worked. I dont recall of typing in command prompt.

-VF is wrong, I asked for -v output.