Pioneer DVR-105 firmware flash question

since finally posted the v1.21 firmware for the DVR-105, I’m ready to update my firmware.

Q: is it safe to perform this firmware update, because I have the DVR-105 installed in a 1394/usb2.0 Combo case?

  • out of curiousity i ran the flash utility while the drive was connected via 1394, and the program recognized the DVR-105. (i cancelled the flash.)

thax in advance

they just released 1.30 for DVR-105

firmware flash to (v1.21) was a success. i didn’t want to risk damaging the drive
using the external case, so a quick swap to a pc was my answer.

  • so far so good, haven’t had a bad burn yet.

p.s. i’ll flash to v1.30 as soon as Pioneer USA, post it.

thanx guys.

happy burning

i downloaded the new firmware update today but after installing my samsung dvd-rom(sd616f) started to make load’s of bad noises when ever i put a disk in to the drive and am not to sure what to do now i may try a ‘flash’ back to 1.21 to see if that corrects my dvd-rom !:rolleyes: