Pioneer DVR-104

Hi, guys,
I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-104. It is supposed to be able to burn at 2x, but I can choose to burn at 1x. What happened? And what is the largest size of a DVD-R? Isn’t it around 4.3 GB?

Are you using the required 2x media?

That’s right, around 4.3GB (4.7GB) for normal single-sided DVD-R and 8.6GB (9.4GB) for double-sided DVD-R. The same for DVD+R.

Yeah, stupid me! The media I used didn’t support a 2x burn.
I burn with Nero. However, Nero often reports “This disc is copyrighted, and it cannot be read.” Is there any way to bypass it? Another thing is that most DVDs have a size more 4.7 GB, is there any brand of DVD-R that has a larger size like 8.5 GB? :stuck_out_tongue: