Pioneer DVR-104 - Computer stopped recognizing



I have a Pioneer DVD+RW drive and an Asus CD-ROM drive installed on my computer. These two drives have suddenly failed and my computer has stopped recognizing them. The properties tab in device manager tells me: “Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)” for both drives. I have downloaded firmware, which seem to be updates, but i get a pop-up saying “available target is not found”. Please give me some advice…


Firmware will not likely solve such problems.
Fix your OS installation first, maybe you have to replace the IDE cable.


I got the same exact problem, actionjackson222, and I am at a total loss. I had just finally gotten rid of a nasty peice of spyware/trojan of my system, rebooted and had just put in an Audio CD when I noticed Winamp didnt come up. I knew then something was wrong so I checked my hardware and sure enough my Pioneer DVR-104 had Error Code 19 (could not retrieve the device’s information from the registry). I’ve tried Uninstalling/Reinstalling the hardware, as well as installing the latest Firmwire (although that didnt get far, as all I recieved was an error - available target not found). So yeah, I feel your pain. I hope you see this post, or better yet you resolved your problem and hopefully, can help resolve mine.


Test the drive in another computer, easiest way to find out what 's going on…