Pioneer DVR-104 & A04 false information & even advertisements!

Hello all,

Just wanted to inform everyone that the information I have found on numerous forums regarding the Pioneer A04 & DVR-104 drives is that they now record CDRW media at 8X whereas A03 & DVR-103 did not. This is completely FALSE. I just purchased this drive from the following link they too are providing this false information.

After receiving the drive it would not record CDRW past 4X i tried different branded CDRW media and same results. I then contacted Pioneer thinking since I am running Windows XP maybe I needed a firmware update for the drive to work properly. Well to follow is the e-mail conversation I had with them.

Subj: RE:Hook up and Operation|H00001|9732479268 [#589832]
Date: 3/26/2002 12:24:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics U.S.A.
Who is advertising that the DVR-104 will record to CDRW
discs at 8 times? Our brochure clearly states that it will
only record to CDR discs at 8 times. The maximum for
a CDRW is 4 times.

I hope this information has been of some help to you. Thanks!
1-800-872-4159 - Technical Support.

And here’s another e-mail after I provided Pioneer with a link of the online retailer that was falsely advertising their drive.

Subj: RE:Re: Hook up and Operation|H00001|9732479268 [#589832]
Date: 3/26/2002 2:31:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Thank you for the link. Yes, that is misleading.
Here’s our link for the brochure of the DVR-A04. It is same
as the DVR-104. The only difference is the DVR-104 is a OEM
model. Meaning, the warranty is handled by the distributor.
In your case that would be ES BUY. FYI … they do business
with Pioneer as “Elegant Shopping” Here’s their information.

IRVINE, CA 92614
(949) 838-0038

Our brochure link:

I am of course upset this drive has been sold for a few weeks now and you could not find any info on it at Pioneers website until just a few days ago it seems because I tried finding info a week ago when I made this purchase and did not find anything other than info on A03.

OH well be advised that neither the Pioneer A04 nor the Pioneer DVR-104 can record CDRW at 8X the max cdrw write speed is 4X.

I would suggest contacting the reseller where you bought your product. If you still have proof of this misleading advertisement you stand a good chance they will have to take this product back.

This can not be discarded as a simple typo or printing error, you had no way of knowing this was not the correct information.

Give them a chance to correct their wrong, make it a friendly mail at first where you offer to settle things in private. When they don’t go along you can always refer to possible legal actions.

There is probably a website with legal jurisprudence somehwere ( I know there are several in the Netherlands, but they won’t do you any good when US law applies)

I sent them a e-mail last week about this and I have yet to hear anything from them. I also sent them two e-mails today providing them with the e-mails Pioneer sent me.

I am just pissed because I already sold my PlexWriter 12/10/32 Scsi burner and my Adaptec SCSI card on Ebay for nothing. Because I really need a drive that records CDRW at 8X since that is the only media that VCD plays on my Sony DVD 5-disc changer.

I spent countless hours formatting other drives with different operating systems to see if I can get this drive to work properly all for nothing =(

Just a follow up on this problem I had. refused to deal with me on this matter, they ignored all e-mails, and it’s obvious they received it since they corrected all their false advertisements on their website regarding this product soon after my e-mails were sent hmm I doubt that’s a coincidence.

My anger towards the situation died so I did not have the desire to take this problem up with the Better Business Bureau. I obviously won’t do business with them again.

So beware although they ship out products there customer service sucks big time! They do not seem interested in taking returned products regardless of what is posted in their site.

I also believe they do business under the name

well its your choice to getover this matter…but pricks like this get away with this kinda $h!t everyday

they probably hope that by the customer being so far away that they can do practically anything they like and get away with it

and another thing…warranties…seems that most of these aren’t worth $h!t either.

Yup yup thats online businesses for yah.

I still have the HTML code of the false advertisements had for the Pioneer DVR-A04/DVR-104. I have the actual HTML code saved in text and i did a Save As on there website. I also have PrintScreen JPEG of the e-mails from Pioneer & Esbuy, so if i bitch to Better Business Bureau and show all this stuff im sure i’ll get somewhere.

I sense my anger coming back maybe i should find sites that have high forum visitors and post everything again heh.

where’s my shot gun…its time for payback

“ohh there too far away to shoot…damn ohh well i tried”

that’s their senario for every deal that goes wrong

if you have the time take it further.its your right as a consumer