Pioneer DVR-104 55 min at 2X?

I am not sure but shoud’nt a burn of 4.5 gig on the Pioneer DVR-104 take about 30 min at 2X. I can’t get it to burn in less time than 55 min. I have tried Stomp and Primo DVD. Please any help is appreciated.

In hope that you can get some good assist, I’m moving this thread to the DVD forum.

Is DMA on? Do you use 2x compatible media?

If it takes always over 55 minutes, your DVR-A04 is always recording it at 1x. Try DVD-R media that can be written at 2x reliably.

I have a similar problem I’ve noticed with my A04. When recording a full disc at 2x it always seems to take a lot more time than it should. I’m using Recordnow that came with the burner and at first it looks like it’ll burn right but as time progresses the time indicator jumps up.

However my burns always seem to finish around 45 minutes. I’m burning using Apple 2x media and the burns come out fine dispite the odd burn time. I don’t have DMA enabled since I’ll get an error with it enabled so I’ve had to use the PIO fix under Win2k. What’s stange though is while a disc is burning at 2x you can sort of hear the drive spin up and spin down.

My guess is the fact that I have to run in PIO mode is the primary culprit. I’ve yet to find a way around having to run in PIO without erroring out which is quite annoying.

Most VIA chipsets are not capable of 2x DVD writing in PIO mode. So if you can’t enable DMA due to errors, and if you use VIA, then you won’t be able to burn 2x without hundreds of buffer underruns.

My old iBX440 board (with PIII/800) couldn’t run that burner on DMA mode either, but it was capable of 2x writing in PIO mode :slight_smile:

I’m not suprised about that… I’m runing it off an Abit KT7A with the well know, and bug filled, KT133A with 686B southbridge…

Will say running the drive of a PCI IDE controller allow me to run my drive in DMA? I’d try it but I’d rather not have to spend the money only to find out it doesn’t work and I still have to run in PIO mode and I’ve only got one PCI slot open which I’m sure will just cause more problems :o

Not all PCI IDE/ATA controller cards support ODD devices like DVD writers. Even if they do, PCI card + shipping + outdated motherboard could cost more than a new motherboard. Using all the PCI slots doesn’t sound like a good idea, either.

Well I believe this chipset is intel and udma is on for both ide channels. What Disks are recommended for 2X that are good for XBOX backups ?

XBox or not, good media. The most well-regarded DVD-R media are usually from Maxell, Verbatim/Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Pioneer, Apple, Taiyo Yuden, etc. Made in Japan, preferably.

Well thanks for all the advise but I updated the firmware and it forced my 1x ritek generic to 2x speeds. now I am getting 30 min for 4.7 gig :wink:

More about 2x DVD-R media.

Ritek 1x is not good for 2x writing! I really hate that it is not possible to measure PIsum8 with home equipment (as C1/C2 for CDs)! Otherwise none of you would continue to use “generic” media, especially not at 2x!

Yeah, that will make life a bit easier for many.