Pioneer DVR-103VA or Philips DVD+RW-D01?

I have access to 2 DVD Burners and need help with which to choose.
One is a Pioneer DVR-103VA and the Other is the Philips DVD+RW-D01. Both are pre-release, pre-production models and have no software or connection hardware (not a big deal).

I have found some info out there about the both but nothing that points me towards one or the other.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Or more info on why one is better than the other?

I think the big decision is what formats you want your drive to support and which onces you want to read, there is a big difference and incompatibility between the 3 formats (DVD-RAM, DVD+RW & DVD-RW) so you are going to gamble with whichever drive you choose.


I have a Philips DVD+RW-D01. Does anyone know if it can be patched so it can burn +R discs?

dual post…

This drive is a OEM Ricoh 5120A 2.4x DVD+RW, rather outdated drive (April -02).
The first Ricoh supporting +R to my knowledge was the MP-5125A.

I never heard of any “patch” to +R. And you will never know if you can “upgrade” until you try it, heh he. :wink:
At firmware page you will find flashutility and MP-5125A firmware. If it doesn´t work, you can always revert.