Pioneer dvr 100 wont burn dvds

i have a highly frustrating and seemingly unique problem with my new dvd rw drive. apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
Basically my drive will not recognise any blank dvd media (i have tried dvd-r, dvd+r and dvd+rw to no avail) though it will play dvds. when using nero it states that the only compatible discs are dvd, cd-r and -rw, but its a dvd-rw drive!!
ive also tried moving it from slave to master and giving it its own IDE cable and no change whatsoever.
final major problem: according to my searches the pioneer dvr-100 does not seem to exist. have i been sold a dud?!
please help im utterly stuck.

I have a dvr100, it’s just a rebadged 110d with some nice software in the box as a retail package. Mine worked fine right out of the box too so maybe yours is bad or you have some kind of driver issue going on. Try it in another machine that can read media properly and if it still does it the unit is probably bad. If it then works something in your setup is wrong, good luck.

Dartman is correct, it’s just an 110D drive plus software sold in north america.

Please give more info what exactly you did.