Pioneer DVR-_07 reads no recordable DL discs

Our old Sharp DV-RW250 has a DVR-R07 (same as A07 and 107 technically).
It reads DVD-ROM(video) DL, and writes DVD+RW and R, DVD-RW and R.

However, it does not even read recordable dual layer discs. Not +R DL and not -R DL.

Maybe, it attempts to read them as DVD-R instead of DVD-ROM.

I will have to try a DVD-ROM bitsetting.

According to Pioneer web site those models don’t support +/-R DL media.,+DVR-107BK

Bitsetting to ROM might work - please report back, I’m curious if it does.

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Probably just a software limitation.
If it can read DVD-ROM DL and DVD+R, it should easily support DVD-R DL.
Even the pre-DVD+R drives such as GDR8162B support DVD-R DL and +R DL.

I will try it with ROM bitsetting.