Pioneer Dvdrw Dvr K16ra

I have recently purchased ACER 1640 series laptop (in Dubai, UAE) which has PIONEER DVDRW K16RA and NTICD_DVDMAKER7 software. I am NOT happy with the FILECD bundled with the NTI as I find it difficult in using CD as regular floppy disk unlike with INCD. I have used INCD in my desktop but it is not compatible with this PIONEER model drive. Can any one help me finding right version of INCD/NERO cmpatible with this PIONEER DVDRW K16RA model.


Uninstall the current version, also use the cleaning tools from the Nero support site.

Then install a NEW, the latest version of InCD if you REALLY need that tool.

Can you suggest the latest version of incd / nero versions as well as cleaning tools from nero?