Pioneer DVDRW DVR-K16 "does NOT work with nero"

I have a HP laptop with a Pioneer DVDRW DVR-K16 it came with SONIC burning software on it but i have installed nero version on it as i am used to nero as i find it is the boss of all burning software but here comes the problem if i burn a DVD with it then fine no problems but asoon as i burn a audio cdr with it instead of the 2 second gap being put in at the end of each tack it put,s the 2 second gap 2 seconds before the song finishes so when i skip a track it plays the last 2 seconds of the track i am trying to skip that is not right :disagree: i have spoken to another enginear he said to try the masters and to :bow: infront of you and apply my dilema as he thinks that it may need a firmware up-date but have been looking for a firmware up-date wich is not here :sad: any idea please are really welcome as i have mentioned another enginear said to :bow: infront of yourselfs the firmware on my drive is version 1.44 any idea’s are really welcom

p.s i do not know if posted in the right threed excuse me if not as new to forums honest :o

Just use BURRRN instead for CDDA.