Pioneer DVDRW DVR 110D Problems

Hello there!
First, sorry for the mistakes, Im not 100% bilingual :wink:

I have this DVD writer, a Pioneer DVDRW DVR 110D.
It works perfectly with CloneDVD (to copy from a disk (DVD) to another).
But when it comes to burn data cd’s, with any software, it says to put a cd in the dvd writer, even if there’s a brand new one.

The guy who made my computer told my I could do backup cds with it, but I still can’t.

What I am missing here?? :o

Hi Willa, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Does it read CDs OK? Or are you talking about not being able to burn data DVDs?


It reads music cd’s (originals and burned).

Either when I try to burn on a DVD or a CD (datas or music) it says this :
There are no supported CD-Recorders available.

Oh! Now we’re getting somewhere ;)…are you using Nero to burn your data discs by any chance?

If so, what version? You may need an update if it doesn’t recognise your Pioneer. :slight_smile:

Edit: If you are using Nero, did it come bundled with another drive?

I have easy cd creator
I also have a version or NERO burning rom V5. on an original cd, never used it.

I’m installing it right now, brb… :bigsmile:

I’m not sure if v5 of Nero is too good with DVD burners, but you can try it. :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t recognise your Pioneer, then I suggest looking on the net for Nero 6 latest version trial. Hopefully that should recognise your burner. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, I’ll try this version

When I try to burn a data cd with NERO 5, it makes an ‘‘image’’ backup in my documents and doesnt burn on the cd.

I just dont understand this.
I really need to ask that guy to change my burner, I cant take it anymore lollll

Hopefully Nero 6 should work - it really just sounds like the software doesn’t recognise your burner. :slight_smile:

Nero 5 obviously isn’t new enough to recognise the Pioneer 110D, which is why it’s burning to the Image Recorder instead :wink:

Let us know if Nero 6 works for you, and if it doesn’t, we can go from there.

I need the serial number to install the version you gave me (the link).

So, no, doesnt work yet lolll

That’s weird. It should operate in Demo mode if you don’t have a serial or haven’t bought it yet.

I suggest to update CloneDVD and also the burners firmware.

If the software is obsolete, it CANNOT KNOW or identify the burner and wont work, same for newer media…

Nero Demo will work for max. 4 weeks trial.

Please look into the Asus/Pio section.

:iagree: That’s what I was getting at. Thanks for putting it better, chef :flower:

Most times the situation is the opposite, so I have to thank you. :flower: