Pioneer DVDR AO4, Prassi Primo DVD, and PX Engine. :)

Wow. i wish i knew about this site a long time ago. Anyways, well i have Pioneer DVD AO4, and Prassi Primo DVD. Keep in mind that i have Windows 2000 and NTFS file system. :slight_smile: Ok. I downloaded the newest PX engine and once I did that , it will not let me wirite images larger than 2GB. Now people tell me that this is due to the PX engine. Is there any way of deleting the new PX engine w/ out having to reformat and reinstalling Windows 2k. Thank you for this site!!! :cool:

just install an old engine???

How would i find an old engine? they only post the new ones.:confused:

The latest PX Engine update is 342. I assume that’s the one that is causing you a problem.

You are correct, Veritas doesn’t list the earlier updates on their site, but they are still on the FTP server. I just downloaded v 327 by changing the 342 to 327 in the download URL.

v 320 preceded 327. v 320 is still on the FTP site as well. If you use a download manager or an FTP program, you can use “copy shortcut” to copy the URL and edit it in the URL address window. :wink:

Upon reflection, it may not work to simply try to use an earlier update. I think that the updates may be designed to automatically disregard later updates and may not overwrite them. You may have to totally uninstall the program and the drivers and then reinstall the earlier updates. This is the worst case, so it’s worth a try first to see if it will accept the earlier update without uninstalling first.

1st of all i want to thank all the folks that helped me out! :slight_smile: . But i figured it out. There is no prob what so ever! I was freaking out b/c it was making 4 diff image files. Since Max Payne is about 4GB long. Primo DVD broke it up into 4 diff image files. I thought that it had to do w/ the PX engine. This was a post from another board:

The files will be in a format similar to this:

What you do, is simply choose the files without the number. In this example that would be The program will load in the other files automatically as needed. Consider the file without the number to be somewhat like a CUE file.
:bow: for some reason i thought it was only supposed to be 1 image file. But its all good. i simply followed these steps and it all worked out. Thanks again for everyones help :slight_smile:

Nice to know. I am planning to buy a dvd burner soon. So this shit will not happen to me


I have recenty downloaded this software and keep getting this error:

“Run-time error ‘9’
Subscript out of range”

What does this mean? How can I repair/work-around it? The program started up BEFORE I used the newest PX Engine to update it. Now all I get is this error message.

Hoping someone can help suggest a “fix”.


i have no idea…but i could be your name…:stuck_out_tongue:

This is an old thread, but for those who use the search engine & need it:

newest PX updates for Prassi are at: