Pioneer dvdr 110d

help me, pls.
i can burn Successfully (data verification ok too)with nero 6.3 but when i insert the dics again y pc can’t detect it, as if there is no dvd in the drive. and sometimes, i can burn if the capacity is about 2 gb.

i’m planning to return the dvd writer, and ask for a replacement because the warranty is still on(i bought it on december).

Might be poor media quality. Try a different brand disc.

latest firmware for the 110(D) is 1.37

Make sure the drive is in UDMA mode 4.

Update Nero to the current update! .18 I think!
Check it as master and on a cable by itsself! Some models produced will only work as slave! What can I say! The production models vary with each box they are installed!
Update you BIOS and check you BIOS and Device manager settings!

Avoid using Packet-Writing software like InCD.
Don’t use Multisession if possible.

All other things were said before. :wink:

if you’re using winxp make sure you have sp2 installed. read about it here