Pioneer DVD Writers & clone CD

how are these babies (A03 & more importantly the 04)

cant find any mention of them, however they are quite new so am hoping they havent been added yet but work ok…

at moment i have a HP 9100i which is a Sony mech, & can do everything except the SD2 AFAIK.
I am considering selling this when I get the DVD writer. is this a viable option, & how will I be on the old SD2 front? (esp the newer 2.51 which seems to be a real ball breaker)

many thanks for reading

The A03/A04 from Pioneer can write neither RAO-DAO nor RAW-SAO
The A03 even cannot overburn, the A04 is said to overburn up to 82min.

You will need an additional cd writer.

The A03 SUCKS at writing cdr and cdrw I almost lost a LOT of data because of that and I had to go get a cd writer. I ended up buying a liteon 24x and I have been copying sd2 games ever since. It’s a real shame this writer can’t write in dao mode as I was very much looking forward to copying ps2 games with it:-( There have been a few firmware updates to this writer since it was released and even though I have the latest firmware I don’t see any difference between each update. I think that this writer doesn’t support raw dao because it was made by a company that has a lot of dvd products on the market that would fall victim to piracy if this writer worked like it should. Hey does anyone know if the panasonic writer can do raw dao and also has anyone tried to read a ps2 game in it yet???

some one will fill the gap in the market pretty soon.

as for PS2 still, do you mean it sucks at copying CD based games or are you not happy with it on the DVD front either?

was hoping it was just a matter of putting in my original & pressing go & having a decent backup?

does anyone have a good website with instructions for copying DVD games? know loads of sites for CD based stuff, but none for DVD.

sorry am strayin OT now.

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Tests at showed that you must use Taiyo Yuden media when writing CDs. The quality of writing will then be as good as with a plextor or liteon. Never use crap media (such as the bundled CMC!) with Pioneer dvd-writers, or the result will be as bad as what AOpen-writers produce!

Maybe they didn’t implement RAW-SAO/DAO or overburning, because neither exists for DVD. Their firmware is already large enough (1 MB!), and someone must write these firmwares!

As to panasonic. Read this:
I don’t think the Panasonic can write cds at all…and i’d never buy a drive for dvd-r/ram, but without rw…

I’m using the DVR-A03, a LiteOn 40x writer and a Toshiba 1502, which works great.

BTW: The A03 has burn proof only for dvd…