Pioneer DVD Writer Problem...Help

Recently I got a silly problem with my Pioneer DVD write DVD-109.

Whenever I tried to burn or copy some file into any DVD-R/+R it shows the file cann’t be copy or unknown error. Even by Nero Burning rom shows same type of error massage.

Can anyone please help me … Please…

Hi wxyyz and welcome to CDFreaks. Moved this thread to the Pioneer DVD Burner Forum. Hopefully you will get more help there.:slight_smile:

How can I move it then…??? I’m in "Asus DVD Burner / Pioneer DVD Burner " forum…isn’t it…???

I already moved the thread.:slight_smile: I will have you other thread closed as you don’t need two.:wink:

I want to delete this thread not the other one…How can I delete this one…???

You cannot, just read in the FAQ…

Copying files onto DVD±R media is not suitable, only burning.
You need Nero v6 or later and to select a DVD template…

Listen…Looks like I’ve to tell you in detail, if you have patien to read this full story…

At first I want to know why my other thread was deleated…there I was making conversation with someone… :frowning:

To burn a DVD+R I use Nero v6.0 or normal WinXP CD/DVD burning tool (i.e. copy and pest)…

Anyway few days ago… I was burning a DVD+R 4.7 GB using Nero v6.0. I buned a simple ‘data dvd’. After then I just insert another empty DVD+R to burn it same way. I add some files in the DVD+R and select the speed 8 (max 12) then press OK, but it didn’t burn and gives an unknown error massage.

I tried with other DVD+R s but it shows same massage. I tried to burn it WinXP way, i.e. copy and pest in the DVD+R, which I did before sometimes to burn DVD+R, but it gives anothe error massage, ‘files cannot be copeid’.

I reinstall the whole OS and install again new Nero v6.0 soft. But still same error massage. It looks it behave as a DVD-rom nor a writer.

I took this DVD-writer to another pc, but it shows same bullshit massages…What can I do???

I looked for some forums, asked for help, but no one seems to answer me…In this forum when someone start to talked with me, the modarator deleted that thread… :frowning:

If some one really know the problem and wish to help me then please help me, and don’t delete my thread…

First, ask an Moderator of the regarding forum where you had posted…
If you spam or doublepost, the thread gets locked or deleted, that are the forum rules.

massage? pest? ???

Nero 6.0 is obsolete and full of bugs. First update to, then try again.

Take my advice and don’t use such Packet-writing software crap, but burn onto DVD using the proper method: opening up an actual software, add the content and burn it onto dvd.

I’ve update nero v6 to v6.6.1.4, but it doesn’t work at all. Now I got more problem, nero doesn’t start at all… :frowning:

One thing I don’t understand, 2/3 days ago I was able to burn DVD+R with nero v6 without any problem, then why should I update it again…???

It seems I’ve to re-install my OS again…:frowning:

Is there anyone can help me to get rid of this problem…

the 109 needs to be the master in your system and delete INCD as Chief said. also delete Sonic DLA and try again. Update all your stuff at MICROSOFT.COM update site. Go to your MOBO site and update your BIOS and IDE drivers. How old is your 109?
If it was working and just stopped then it is some new=software/media/bad drive causing the problem.