Pioneer dvd writer 111d possible issues

I recently bought one of these drives and installed it. THe problem or possible problem is when I place some new dvd’s that i also bought (pengo +r 4.7gbs) and move the pointer over the device icon the little info box that appears states o bytes free ; 0 bytes used. The title of the drive DVD RW also changes to “cd drive.” I tried burning a dvds with it and that worked . When i entered my computer again the icon was ghanged to dvd rom inscribed above a dvd- you should know what i’m talkin about despite my non- vivid description. The region is at 1. I am used to cd writers and seeing the capacity of a disc when the pointer in placed above them as well as a drive identifying the type of disc placed in it. I placed the dvd in my cd writer and it did not identify it either but my third drive, a dvd rom drive did recognize and open the dvd. I heve tried to be as detailed as possible could I heve some help please.

What you’re seeing is normal. Windows explorer will always change from DVD RW to cd drive doing what you do.

Windows itself doesn’t deal with DVD media as it does with CD media, hence the differences you see.

You need applications like Nero, Roxio etc to be able to deal burn DVD media.

Thanks TimC 4 replyin.