Pioneer DVD writer 111D not recognized?

Hi all

I`ve just bought my first DVD writer, a Pioneer 111D. Now in the bios this is defined as a pioneer DVD writer, in the system hardware it is described as a “LE3113Z PCO815L SCSI CdRom Device”. Using my brothers nero, when I try drive info it sees it as a DVD rom with no writing capabilities.

Im using Windows XP on a Shuttle XPC SN41G ( I think its a G2 although this doesnt matter ) when I connected the drive I think it was an 80 wire cable, I connected it to the black connector as a master. In the bios it says the DVD writer is connected as a secondary master.


I doubt that.
How it is connected?

Thanks for your reply Chef.

I doubt that.
How it is connected?

Doubt what?

I connected it to the ide cable, the black plug not the grey one. I thought the black plug was the master.

Thanks in advance.


What I’ve highlighted in the quoted post…

Is it connected internally or externally?

Sorry I didn`t understand what you meant, its connected internally.

And properly jumpered & connected?

It must run in UDMA4 mode to function properly.
Check that in Devicemanager, also under IDE channels.

I selected master on the back of the drive. I think the motherboard is jumperless.

In device manager it doesnt mention UDMA4 anywhere. Under the secondary IDE channel advanced settings it , Ive changed it to autoselect although under the current transfer mode it says “Not Applicable”

It needs UDMA4. What chipset is on the mobo, SIS, nvidia, intel???

Its an NVIDIA chipset

But it runs with micro$oft IDE drivers?

But it runs with micro$oft IDE drivers?

I don`t know what you mean, How can I tell?

You can see it in Devicemanager, drive properties.

OK, both IDE contoller and the DVD writer are using MS drivers.

Then uninstall all IDE channels, restart and check for DMA again.


Thanks Chef,after deleting the ide controller and restarting it recognized my Pioneer DVD 111D ( device manager and Nero)

Now it lists two devices ( device manager ) as DVD/CD-ROM devices, my PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D and LE3113Z PCO815L SCSI CdRom Device. I don`t know what this means,as my writers now working maybe I should forget about it.

Chef, thats eight replies from you and I`m now sorted, thats some workrate with you posting on other threads, so Thanks again.


Nice that it worked.

I don’t know what the other thing is, maybe just an virtual drive or something similar…