Pioneer DVD Trouble DVD-R 105 Help Please


I have suddenly lost my ability to record on my DVD-R/W Drive.
I am running Xp home and now in explorer when a DVD Disk is inserted it is being recognized a CD and the Icon in explorer changes to CD DRIVE when the dvd in, but when it is out it reverts back to saying it is a dvd drive… also all my recording software now says the dvd drive is a cd drive??? Any kind person have any help for this??? Thanks so much in advance I am really lost on this one.

I have this same drive and have zero troubles currently.
Question: Is this drive Master, Slave, or Single? Will it burn cd’s at all? Does it read all other media? Can it read DVD’s?

The goal it to check if the problem is hardware or software.

If the problem is still present in another (Friend’s) computer you know it is the drive, which I would try a firmware upgrade.

Otherwise it is software, which is good news. You can uninstall/reinstall related software. I had a terrible time with Nero at first, as it would not recognize my Pioneer 105 as DVD-R. I applied an update from

Last Resort:
Presonally I format and reinstall WinXP at the first sign of trouble on my computers at home. That is a very drastic step for some but for me I kinda enjoy a fresh install. (I do one every 2-3 weeks anyway)

Hope your drive is OK, as I hope mine doesn’t take a dump either.

I am from Branson Missouri. Cool you are from Florance concidering this is an international web site.