Pioneer Dvd-rw Dvr-k16rs In Acer Aspire 5101 ANWLMi Problem

I have an Acer Aspire 5101 ANWLMi laptop. It has a Pioneer Dvd-rw Dvr-k16rs. The DVD writer has been working well and I was able to burn CD as well as DVD but recently it has started functioning abnormally.

My OS is win XP SP2. I use nreo 6.6 for burning.

A few months back I had an issue and it started mal-functioning.
(FYI: I tried to change the region of the Drive - 2 changes left now. I also flashed the DVD-drive ROM with an RPC1 firmware upgrade -

Now, it would read some CDs and DVDs but it doesn’t recognize some other normal CDs/DVDs - even the original acer laptop driver CD is not being recognized.

I’m unable to burn CD or DVD - it burns for a while and then aborts. Some error messages are as follows:

CD: Write error, Illegal disc, Could not perform end of Disc-at-once

DVD: Power calibration error

I googled and found that it uses some RPC1 type which is diff from my original RPC2 type firmware. The drive is shown in windows but it is not reading most of the CD\DVDs … I believe it might not be a driver issue (I’ve tried to uninstall and then install it using the defauly windows driver)

Is it possible to rollback the firmware to RPC2? Where can I find it? I’ve also installed “Portable_DVD_Region+CSS_Free v5.9” to try and access CDs but its not working fine.

OR finally is it a hardware issue and I’ve to get a new one?

The acer service center has a lengthy process and they demand to take away the laptop - which is not possible for me as it is my daily usage!

If this has something to do with software issue - pls pls pls suggest me.

Thanks you in advance.

You did crossflash with a wrong firmware so it seems…

Thank you for responding.

Pls tell me what is the fix.

The real problem is tht I’m unable to find the RPC1 type firmware for my drive.

The Acer/Pioneer guys are hopeless!

You need to ask the ACER support.