Pioneer DVD-rw dvr-212

Hi all have just updated my pc with AMD AM2 5600X2 DUAL CORE CPU & ECS MOTHERBOARD K8M890M-M with a new sata HD my dvd burner work ok before the upgraded . any think i try to copy now cd or dvd just ejects the disc telling me to put cd or dvd in the drive the burning speed are different now as well cd speed 40 or 32 dvd’s are 1x upto 18x burner is a Pioneer 212 sata worked great before upgrade . now running hd and burner by sata . only had pioneer burn using sata conection.


disable the “IDE”

where do i disable the “IDE”


The 212 may or may not work with your VIA SATA Controller. Install the latest Hyperion Pro driver package from .

A semi off topic suggestion, try to refrain from using VIA based motherboards. They are absolutely the worst when it comes to stability and driver bugs. As an IT Manager with a 15 years experience, I tested all chipset manufacturers throughout the years. VIA are the cheapest for a good reason…

Either go for a basic nvidia chipset (the high end chipsets are quite costly) for AMD or Intel CPUs, or an a basic Intel chipset for an Intel CPU. Those may cost a little more than a VIA based solution, but the peace of mind is sure worth it. The motherboard is the main component of the computer, and effects everything.